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designs of the creative spirit


What is the essence of Elementz4 Designs?


In 2008, this company was built as the brain child of innovation, creativity and GIRL POWER! We looked all around in our local and surrounding communities and realized there was a void present as it related to original, quality custom gear! On the back of our beautiful sisterhood, we set out to craft and construct our business on three very simple principles:

Introduce innovative quality products to other customers and develop our own creative custom gear lines. It was natural progression for our company to lean towards being
expressive beyond just the normal. We love to strive consistently to give our customers unique and desirable original products. Being able to create this way has allowed the freedom to capture many precious moments, touch lives and make lasting memories.
Always remember where you came from! One solid mission for this company is to sow and give back to our community. It is essential to stay connected in order to better understand, learn, assist and grow with our ever changing community needs. We continue to gain new perspective and knowledge which will allow us to create internships and provide jobs for others as a future goal. Creating various partnerships and/or customer relationships will plant a foundation that will help our communities thrive. We are better

and stronger together!  
Leaving our customers wanting more! When you first encounter Elementz4 Designs – you are not purchasing just a single product. You will be embraced with a WHOLE customer experience. In supporting and elevating our awesome customer base, we regularly ask for input from our customers to help us stay on top of our game.  

To ALL that currently support us, we SINCERELY thank you! And for those who have yet to try the Elementz4 Designs experience...   creativity is waiting!

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